Sponsored Events

Powell Real Estate Group, Inc is proud to sponsor these local events in 2017:
Date Event (click name for details) Description
Feb 25 Richland Run Fest Marathon & 1/2 Marathon & 5k
March 11 St. Patrick's Day Foot Race 10k & 5k
March 24-25 Badger Mountain Challenge 100 Mile Run / 50 Mile Run / 50km Run / 15km Run
April 8 Rage In The Sage Duathlon – Run/Bike/Run
April 8 Hour Badger Classic – Dirty Dozen Team Relay Run
May 13 Fiasco In Pasco Duathlon – Run/Bike/Run
June Gravel Grinder Classic – Dirty Dozen Mountain Bike Race
July 1 Righteous Richland Sprint Triathlon
July 22 Renegade Rage Mud Run/Obstacle Course
August 5 Power of Pasco Sprint Triathlon
August 18 Aqua Man Duathlon – Run/Swim/Run
September 2 Plutonium Man Olympic Distance Triathlon
September 2017 Road Cycling Classic – Dirty Dozen Road Bike Race